FODMAP Consultancy with Debra Thomas RD offering relief for IBS sufferers.
I’ve been fortunate to have helped over 350 people gain relief from their symptoms of IBS and live more comfortably again.
I also have experience in the dietary treatment of interstitial cystistis (IC). I hold clinics across Cardiff (CF5) and South Wales and also consultations via Skype.

“I have suffered from IBS symptoms for 30 years. After trying various ‘remedies’ without success, and having the symptoms for so long, I’d accepted that I would have to live with the condition, though it affected my work, social life and resulted in a lot of anxiety. Since starting the low FODMAP diet I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in my condition! Some symptoms have been eradicated and I now feel far more confident going about my daily business. – GP”

“To say IBS ruled my life for a number of years is an understatement. Since meeting Debra and having her help with the FODMAP diet, my life has changed dramatically. My family has commented on how much more confident I am now and how I’m getting back to my old self. IBS no longer controls my life.- CW”

“Out for meal with friends I’d have to leave early as it would just be too uncomfortable to stay. But, with the FODMAP diet, I can honestly say it’s changed my life! I’ve stopped bloating up after eating meals and it’s great. – HR”

“The FODMAP diet is an effective way of managing IBS but I couldn’t have done it without the benefit of Debra’s extensive knowledge and experience.- KD”

The low FODMAP diet improves symptoms in over 75% of IBS sufferers, but it is not a diet for life. It’s a diet designed to identify which foods affect you. So using this, I can offer you personal advice and ongoing support to help you finally manage your IBS. Treatment includes a full nutritional assessment by me, a FODMAP-trained Registered Dietitian with a wealth of experience in FODMAPs, followed by dietary advice, guidance and support on the use of the low FODMAP diet. To date, I have advised over 350 people. Their success in improvement/relief of their symptoms exceeds the national average.

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