How can I help?
To help you manage your IBS and improve your symptoms, FODMAP Consultancy offers you individual assessment with advice and ongoing support using the low FODMAP diet.

Stage 1 – First Contact

    • Your first telephone consultation with a FODMAP Consultancy Registered Dietitian will be complimentary. We will discuss your symptoms and food intake and carry out a brief assessment to ensure that the low FODMAP diet is suitable for you and will improve your symptoms. We can then arrange a consultation at a time and place to suit you.

Stage 2 – Your first consultation and implementing the low FODMAP diet
In preparation for your first appointment I will send you a Food and Symptom Diary. You should complete this and bring it with you when we meet.

During your hour-long appointment, I will undertake a full nutritional assessment and provide you with comprehensive dietary advice to follow the low FODMAP regime. I will also provide you with clear written guidance on how to manage these dietary changes, including types of foods and provide you with some useful recipes.

Following your first appointment and providing you follow the guidance closely, you should notice an improvement in your IBS symptoms within just a few days. After a few weeks, you will then be ready to move onto the next stage.

Stage 3 – Food Challenge
When your symptoms have improved, you should contact me to arrange a second appointment so that you can begin the ‘food challenge’ process. This a very important stage to help you to manage your IBS for the long term, as this enables your diet to have more variety and be no more restrictive than it needs to be. This stage involves re-introducing higher FODMAP foods to identify those which ‘trigger’ your IBS symptoms. I will advise you to ensure that your diet is nutritionally balanced.

My ongoing commitment to you…
I look forward to working with you and will be available for help, support and to answer any questions you have as you work through your new dietary regime.

Consultation fees
Each hour-long consultation will be charged at £80 (Typically 2 sessions are sufficient)
On occasions, advice over the telephone will suffice – a written summary can be sent to you for a cost of £40

Low FODMAP dietary advice is supported by King’s College low FODMAP booklets.