What are FODMAPs?

FODMAP is an acronym for Fermentable Oligo-saccharides, Di-saccharides, Mono-saccharides And Polyols.

Put simply, they are carbohydrates that are poorly absorbed in the small intestine and are fermented by bacteria in the large intestine producing excess gas and water.

Research has shown that foods high in FODMAPs contribute to the symptoms experienced by many IBS sufferers, such as lower abdominal pain, bloating and discomfort, excessive wind and an altered bowel habit.

Until recent times there has been no effective treatment for IBS and many sufferers find that it has a disrupting and even devastating effect on their lives.

The low FODMAP diet

The low FODMAP diet is a tried and clinically tested treatment that provides symptom relief to IBS sufferers.

Initially it involves restricting foods known to be high in FODMAPs and, when symptoms subside, following a programme of reintroduction to find your individual tolerance level.

Research has shown that up to 75% of people find their symptoms improve when following the low FODMAP diet. Some people find total relief, with their lives being transformed.

The low FODMAP diet can offer symptom relief for many people, however it is important not to ‘self-diagnose’ IBS and to exclude other serious causes by seeking medical advice.