RECIPE – Adaptation of Traditional Welsh Cakes

Enjoy celebrating St David’s Day with a little adaptation to a traditional recipe

Welsh cakes225g gluten free flour
110g (preferably Welsh) butter
1 egg
A handful of sultanas
A little milk, if needed
85g caster sugar
A little extra butter, for greasing


Rub the fat into the flour to make breadcrumbs.
Add the sugar, dried fruit and then the egg.
Mix to combine, then form a ball of dough, using a splash of milk if needed.
Roll out the pastry until it is a 5mm thick and cut into rounds with a 7.5-10cm fluted cutter.
Grease a bakestone with the butter and bake the Welsh cakes, turning once (about 2-3 minutes each side)
Dust with caster sugar while still warm.
Enjoy a little taste from Wales